7 Easy Steps for Organising Your Tools in Western Australia


Most of us end up in frustration when we look for a tool and forget where the tool was stored. Finding a specific tool from a bunch of tools is not easy. Keeping track of all the tools, and storing them in an organized way requires experience and knowledge. It may be possible that you’re looking for a screwdriver in the storeroom but find that somewhere else. 

Whether you’re a professional renovator or need tools for home, keeping tools organised is an art. Tools are handy and vary in sizes, so they need to be managed to make your life easier. Organising tools save time, avoid hassles and are easy to memorise.

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To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a few simple tips to organise your tools, ultimately getting you working more efficiently: 

  1. Categorise & Label Your Tools

Every household or a business keeps a large inventory of tools, ranging from screwdrivers, wrench, hammers, driller, pliers and many more. Each tool has a different use and belongs to a particular category. It is important to group tools in a separate group to store them accordingly. The tools can be grouped like electric tools, hand tools, and woodworking tools etc. once you group the tools, they can be stored in different categories. 

  1. Use Cabinets, Baskets and Pegboards

Zoning tools is a good idea, but it would need custom cabinets, boxes and pegboards to keep them organized. Dedicate some space at home for storage. It would be great to have space in the corner of your room, garage or workshop to build cabinets and to place baskets. Use the area above the wall to create pegboards. It will put all hand tools hanging to walls that are easy to retrieve. This way, you’ll get plenty of space to store your tools and organize them into different sections. Customizing pegboard with the help of clips and hooks accommodates storing aplenty of tools. The pegboard carries clips and hooks, so it is a good idea to hang hammers on the pegboard. 

  1. Add Shelves, Containers and Baskets Your Walls

Adding containers and baskets to the walls makes a good presentation and store tools in an easily approachable way. Shelves make ample storage and can store many tools while giving homeowners open access. If you’re looking for the best tool shelving Perth has to offer, consider checking out Rackmart in Western Australia. Their products are designed to make organising your workshop a simple and easy process.   

  1. Make Productive Use of Walls to Store Tools

Organized storage on walls looks more productive and appealing, offers ample storage, and easy to access. It gives an open view of tools hanging on the walls and easy to remember when needed. Vertical strips, anchor hooks and magnetic strips are all great options to try for storing small and medium-sized tools. 

  1. Use of Mobile Workbench For Common Tools

Managing space for storage of tools is not easy, and people struggle to organize tools at home or a workshop. We recommend using a mobile workbench, especially if you are a seasoned technician or a plumber. The mobile workbenches are great for small space, portable and give efficient management of tools. It doesn’t clutter the space and keeps the workspace clear.  

  1. Use of Custom Toolbox

Besides having a collection of cabinets and baskets, custom toolboxes can be a great addition to a workplace. There are plenty of types of toolboxes available on the market, which can store a large variety of tools. They keep everything organized and portable to take anywhere. When buying a custom toolbox, look at different aspects like storage, quality, containers, and grip. 

  1. Use Mason Jars

Storing nuts and bolts in a workshop in the most hectic task than managing other tools. The small size of nuts and bolts make it complicated to store and retrieve. The clear mason jars are the most versatile and functional tool to keep nuts and bolts for use. These jars can be placed in shelves and cabinets, protected with the caps and offer better visibility. 

These tips can manage your storage with minimal hassles and take less time, money, and effort to manage the tools successfully. The golden rule for storing tools is to keep them off the floor and use multiple storage options to manage your tools. There are plenty of storage tools available that can organize the tools even with less space.